Monday, 17 December 2012

Classic Trabs Print

After the great success of the competition. and the lucky winner having bagged  #1 of the print. You can now officially buy the remaining 49 in our online store.

The 'Classic Trabs' Print | CLOSERThanMOST®

Friday, 14 December 2012

Its Competition Time!

Thats right. We have decided to have a little Christmas giveaway. You have the chance to win one of our 'Down to Earth' tees and the first print(numbered) of the 'Classic Trabs' artwork.
And you don't even have to answer any questions or do a little dance for us or anything!

You can find details on how to enter by clicking the link below.

CLOSER Than MOST Facebook Competition

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

New releases

If youve noticed already (which we are hoping you have with the square eyes we have acquired plugging the stuff!) we now have two more tees for sale in our online store.
One being the return of the Northern Innovators but this time released on t-shirts after its quick sell out on the sweatshirts. This time round its available on navy/yellow and white/navy colourways.
Our second is our 'Folk!' design thats currently available on sky blue tees.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

So Last Century

I'm far from an expert on vintage,be it poster art,clocks, or even old vinyl, i'm not all that clued up on the majority of it. In fact, aside from a couple of boxes worth of Italian House and old skool records from my DJ'ing days I think the only other vinyl I own(well,they're still at my Mam n Dads) is 'World in Motion' by New Order and 'It Must be Love' by Madness on 7 inch vinyl. I may even be the proud erm, guilty owner of a Chesney Hawkes single aswell if that still resides with them.(what, I was ten!) And not to forget A Black Sabbath LP that was given to me around the same time.(To score back some man/boy points)
Regardless of the above, what I do know is when I see something that I like or thats easy on the eye.And thats exactly what i discovered at the vintage store So Last Century. Steve, the owner of the store is a vintage guitar enthusiast and also sources and imports Cuban Film posters amongst lots of other vintage garbs. He has a quirky little unit that is crammed full of vintage goodies. Its easily worth a trip there as you literally never know what your going to find from one week to the next.
Steves store is situated on the 3rd Floor of Afflecks Palace.Manchester (right beside us!)
Also don't forget to check out his Facebook group-So Last Century

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Trainees,trabs,sneakers..... matter what you call them, if your cool then its more than likely you will have had or have a love affair thats bordering on obsession with them! Heres a snippet of our latest project.

Monday, 26 November 2012

The Monkeys from the North!

The Northern Monkeys book by William Routledge is now available for purchase from our online store.

A great stocking filler. You can get yours HERE . Alternatively you can nip in store and grab a copy from us at the 3rd Floor, Afflecks Palace, Manchester.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Being firm and loyal supporters of the Stand-AMF movement we thought it was about time we had our say on the ills of the modern game. And what better way to express ourselves using the power of artwork. T-shirt artwork to be precise. 
Inspired by the Anti-Capitalist poster from the Paris 68' uprising we certainly aim to 'Bring down the Anvil' on the modern game. 

Available on navy blue heavyweight  100% cotton t-shirts.

Hand printed in Manchester.

Monday, 19 November 2012

GODLIKE(S) Prints!

As an extra addition to the release of the Ian Brown 'Godlike' tee we've decided there will also be a print based around the design available.
Printed on 240gsm gloss A3 paper.  And at just £14 to your door you can't grumble really! Especially when there's only 50 to be printed!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Two samples almost ready for the go......

We've been busy here at the CTM headquarters. Lots of working into the early hours and lots of coffee to stem the stress!
But its looking like it'll be worth it in the end. And of course its what you have to do if you want your clothing to be genuinely handcrafted, and not just to join a long queue of pretenders.

First up is our 'Beat the System' sweat. A great winter warmer thats hand printed on a high quality 50/50 polycotton blend sweatshirt with some nice subtle detailing to the garment. Nice political undertones going on with the design too.
Available in Navy.

Next up is our Ian Brown 'FEAR' design. Its gathered lots of interest up to now and for the people who have been in touch, you dont have long to wait.
Again, hand printed by us, here in Manchester with heaps of passion and pride.
Also available in Navy, but this time of the shorter sleeved,lighter weight variety.(Its never too cold for a tee)

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Artprints-Now up!

Its almost that time of year again.When you no idea what to put in the stocking
You can now get some of our artwork an A3 prints.Great for making your room look cool or just being a geek and keeping them in the clear plastic wrapper(thats what we do). Some are also limited which means they are numbered and signed on the reverse.

                                          ************Get them HERE!***************

Friday, 2 November 2012

Bloody Casuals

"Been there, done that...."  But have you got the t-shirt though?

We thought not. Here's our latest sample back and an almost 'spoof-like' take on an old slogan and book title regarding football casuals and their misbehaviour, more often than not whilst 'en route' via any train station up and around the country.

Available on charcoal grey heavyweight 100% cotton t-shirts. Hand printed in Manchester. With woven logo to sleeve.
Already some ready to go in our shop at Afflecks Palace, Manchester.
Available online soon.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Northern Innovators


Just in time for the cold snap, or perhaps the sweatshirt is slowly becoming a year round garment for the Great British year-round, season-less weather we have been experiencing of late. This is the first in a selection of sweatshirt offerings we have coming your way over the next few weeks or so. Just in time for Crimbo!
The 'Northern Innovators' sweatshirt is a nod to all the cool things that been born in the north. From The Buzzcocks to The Smiths ,Scallies to the Perrys. There is no denying that the north is possibly the capital of cool when it comes to unique innovation.

Available in ash grey on heavyweight 100% cotton sweatshirts. Handprinted in Manchester.

Finally.......THE BLOG

Its all been quiet on the home front in terms of product updates and general postings. There's a very simple reason for that, we have been super busy setting up shop in Manchester! We also thought it was finally time to pull our finger out and get the blog up and running. The website is currently undergoing another overhaul and being updated with new products available for purchase.

Keep posted and don't forget to check back at the blog for more updates and our usual ramblings.
Also don't forget, if your out and about in Manchester you really do need to pay us a visit. You can find us at:

3rd Floor
Afflecks Palace
52 Church St
M4 1PW


You can also find us at the usual place-