Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Its a Work of Art: Monkeys in the Museum

Have you ever heard the term 'Milk it for all its worth?'. Well, it isn't something that we would normally make a habit of, but how often is it that your clothing ends up in a museum? Hardly ever and possibly never ever again. Well that's exactly what has happened and our Northern Monkeys tee is now available to purchase in the National Football Museum that is now in its new home of Manchester.

 Of course we can't take full credit for this, as it happens to be one of the designs in our current collection that wasn't illustrated by us and was in fact drawn up by the multi-talented Peter O'Toole who was initially commissioned to do the cover artwork for the Northern Monkeys book. This tee is also part of a collaboration with William 'Bill' Routledge and the Northern Monkeys team who have also played a massive part in all this.

The Museum currently has a great little exhibition on that focuses on the 'Terrace Trends' that we have seen on and off the football terraces throughout the eras. So its a must that you get yourselves down there and visit. Its free admission and you can of course pick up some smashing souvenirs whilst your in there!