Wednesday, 5 December 2012

So Last Century

I'm far from an expert on vintage,be it poster art,clocks, or even old vinyl, i'm not all that clued up on the majority of it. In fact, aside from a couple of boxes worth of Italian House and old skool records from my DJ'ing days I think the only other vinyl I own(well,they're still at my Mam n Dads) is 'World in Motion' by New Order and 'It Must be Love' by Madness on 7 inch vinyl. I may even be the proud erm, guilty owner of a Chesney Hawkes single aswell if that still resides with them.(what, I was ten!) And not to forget A Black Sabbath LP that was given to me around the same time.(To score back some man/boy points)
Regardless of the above, what I do know is when I see something that I like or thats easy on the eye.And thats exactly what i discovered at the vintage store So Last Century. Steve, the owner of the store is a vintage guitar enthusiast and also sources and imports Cuban Film posters amongst lots of other vintage garbs. He has a quirky little unit that is crammed full of vintage goodies. Its easily worth a trip there as you literally never know what your going to find from one week to the next.
Steves store is situated on the 3rd Floor of Afflecks Palace.Manchester (right beside us!)
Also don't forget to check out his Facebook group-So Last Century

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